Echo Pines

The search for a missing girl casts doubt on a detective’s sanity. 2020 – 13min Cast: Danielle King, Matt Backer, Chris StolleryDirector: Stephanie BeggWriters: Daniel Weavell, Stephanie BeggProducer: Josh MawerCo-Producers: Stephanie Begg, Eero HeinonenCinematographer: Adam LynchProduction Designer: Barry JarrottEditor: James A. ThomasComposer: Samuel PulmanVFX Artist: Kieran Kenny Currently finishing post production, this is the major project for AFTRS Masters in …


Aviva, Emily, Yasmina are four twenty-something lesbians from very different backgrounds. Navigating life and love in Brooklyn is easy for none of them. But when they meet through an iPhone app ‘SameSame’, the girls realize they have much more in common than they originally thought… Web Series, 12 x 6minCreated by Lauren AugartenWriters: Lauren Augarten, Stephanie Begg, April Maxey, Summer …

Many Doors

John’s attempt to drink his grief away lands him in a strange alternate world. Cast: Randle McNeal, Natasha Strang, Tracey Gordon, Matt Cammussi, Charles J. Heston Writer/Director: Stephanie BeggAdapted from the story by Michael SwanwickProducers: Paul Irwin & Josh MawerCinematographer: Tom Fanelle Currrently in post production (VFX).


For rent: heart-space to store your unwanted memories. 2012 | 5 min Writer & Director: Josh Mawer Producer: Stephanie Begg DOP: Tom Fanelle Cast: Stephanie Begg, Alex Emanuel When you have something too painful to remember, rent it out for someone else to hold.


A time-hopping dating coach takes on his most personal assignment yet, trying his hardest to help the hopeless George romance the lovely Amy. JUMP is a fun and fast-paced love letter to Doctor Who, director Edgar Wright and first date regrets. It’s also an episode in the anthology webseries The Bench, by Tim Fox, Justina Ward and The HubStudio. Featuring …


An agoraphobic music composer, who writes customs songs for funerals, finds her life thrown off- key when an unexpected visitor knocks at the door. 2019 | 12 min Cast: Bishanyia Vincent, Robin Goldsworthy, Jennie Dibley Director: Stephanie BeggWriter: Samantha CableProducer : Stephanie Begg ,Patrick SlatteryCinematographer: Jamie McVickersProduction Designer: Barry JarrottEditor: Sam GrammerComposer: Sam PulmanSound Designer: Chloe Turner


2014 | 5min A mine collapse leaves two men desperate. Cast: Paul Barton, Bryce YoungmanDirector: Josh MawerWriter: Stephanie BeggProducer: Liam HeyenDOP: Adam LynchProduction Designer: Courtney MulvayEditor: Bamdad ErfanianComposer: James CollinsSound Designer: Lana Kristensen

The Shack

The Shack’ is the story of a young woman’s journey to face her tumultuous and abusive childhood, which took place within the confines of a run-down shack in rural Australia. Set in the 1960’s and in her memories of the 1940’s, she re-explores growing up in the shack and must make a choice; hold on to the pain of the …